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Taycan Lap

The new Porsche Taycan is a pedigree sports car. This is clear from the very first moment you set foot inside this innovative vehicle.

Experience the powerful performance possible of an electric vehicle when it is built by Porsche. Take your place alongside a professional instructor who will show you that 690 HP is more than just a number, but means pure emotion. Bend after bend, the instructor will get absolutely everything out of the vehicle and leave you speechless. We will then bring you closer to our love of speed when we present our futuristic, fast charging solutions.

The Taycan Lap is part of our driver programmes. You can add this to your booking at any time in our co-driver programmes.
With conference options and attractive supporting programmes, the Porsche Experience Center Hockenheimring offers an exclusive service. It features impressive architecture, an extensive range of conference facilities and modern equipment, topped off with high-quality catering. You can enjoy our culinary offerings in our restaurant or in your individually booked rooms. You can also look forward to exclusive driving events for unprecedented adrenaline rushes, where you can set the asphalt alive or witness masterful driving performances from our instructors. Those who are looking for the latest electronics technology with the ultimate racing feeling will find everything they could possibly want with our special Taycan Lap. All of this deserves a unique, historic setting: the neighbouring Hockenheimring. 

When you choose the Porsche Experience Center Hockenheimring for your event, it will be planned to your requirements and tailored to your every need. From the arrival of your guests to when it is time to bid farewell, our team will ensure that you experience the excitement of Porsche – and that your event is as successful as possible for you and your guests. We look forward to fulfilling your individual needs and are available at any time to assist you. See below for details on how to contact us. 

Consumption and emissions

Taycan Turbo
kWh/100 km

Taycan Turbo

Electrical consumption (combined): 28,0 kWh/100 km
CO2 emissions (combined): 0 g/km