Summer special at PEC HHR: Up to 20% price advantage on selected experiences in the period 01-08-2024 – 31-08-2024*

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*The price advantage of up to 20% applies to selected experiences at the Porsche Experience Center Hockenheimring that take place during the above-mentioned period (the date of the event is decisive). You receive a 15% discount on the programs: Pilot Basic, Pilot, Pilot Mix and Simulators. We grant a 20% discount on our Pilot Offroad program. Excluded from this promotion are the Track Experience programs, PEC own events, Co-Pilot, Pilot g-Force, Pilot Advanced, Accelerate, gastronomy and vouchers. The price advantage is shown separately in the web store after selecting your experience. The discount does not apply if you rebook for a date outside the discount period.


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You have successfully completed the Precision Training and passed the entrance exam for the advanced Performance Training? Then we look forward to welcoming you to the 2-day Performance Training!

You have mastered your vehicle and are only missing the finishing touches for further driving tricks to bring your performance in line with the performance of your vehicle? Then expand your limit - no matter which Porsche model you participate with. 

The pace will be increased and your vehicle control perfected. You will sensitize your skills through intensive driving sessions - braking for corners with pinpoint accuracy and avoiding unnecessary steering movements are primarily a matter of practice. On the second day of training, "free driving" takes place - an excellent opportunity to put your acquired skills to the test on the Grand Prix circuit of the Hockenheimring or our own Porsche handling course. 

The completed Performance Training is a prerequisite for participation in the next, even more demanding development level - the Master Training.



Track Experience Performance PEC + Grand Prix Track: 11. and 12.03.2024 / 08. and 09.05.2024 / 01. and 02.11.2024

Track Experience Performance PEC: 18. and 19.05.2024 / 30.06. and 01.07.2024 / 20. and 21.07.2024 / 21. and 22.09.2024


Course duration: 2 days
Qualification: Precision 
Follow-up courses:  Master, Master GT, Master Licence  and Training Specials. You can find the extension courses here: Porsche Experience.

Price: from 3,520.00 € per person (incl. lunch on both days & dinner on day 1), incl. VAT
You would like to participate with your own Porsche vehicle?
Price: from 1,900.00€ per person (incl. lunch on both days & dinner on day 1), incl. VAT

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Consumption and emissions

911 GT3
13 – 12,9
l/100 km
294 – 293

Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 13,0 - 12,9 l/100 km
CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 294 - 293 g/km
CO2-Klasse: G