Track&Rallye: Experience the 911 Dakar in its ideal terrain now!

Good news for those for whom no adventure is too big: there are two new Track & Rally dates where you can experience the performance of the new 911 Dakar entirely in its terrain. The spectacular program of the event, which will take place on 07 and 08 October 2023, is full of highlights: Driver briefing at the PEC HHR, Taycan exit to the rally site, vehicle workshop on the new 911 Dakar with our development experts, subsequent 911 driving event at the rally site, helicopter return flight to the PEC HHR, cab ride in the PEC HHR and communal meal. Already feeling your adrenaline pumping? You can book your adventure directly on our website.
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Off-road track

Find the racing line – even off the beaten track. This is possible with our Porsche Cayenne and Macan models. On our off-road track, we give you the opportunity to use all of these skills and master inclines of up to 80% with plenty of adrenaline and trust in your vehicle. However, you will master more than just steep gradients. Across the 5,200 m² area, you can explore a total of 16 varied modules and learn how to fully master your vehicle.

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