Summer special at PEC HHR: Up to 20% price advantage on selected experiences in the period 01-08-2024 – 31-08-2024*

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*The price advantage of up to 20% applies to selected experiences at the Porsche Experience Center Hockenheimring that take place during the above-mentioned period (the date of the event is decisive). You receive a 15% discount on the programs: Pilot Basic, Pilot, Pilot Mix and Simulators. We grant a 20% discount on our Pilot Offroad program. Excluded from this promotion are the Track Experience programs, PEC own events, Co-Pilot, Pilot g-Force, Pilot Advanced, Accelerate, gastronomy and vouchers. The price advantage is shown separately in the web store after selecting your experience. The discount does not apply if you rebook for a date outside the discount period.


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Culinary delight

Our philosophy: regional, seasonal & sustainable!

Our dishes are homemade, seasonal, and whenever possible, we buy the ingredients mainly from regional producers. Everything we offer should be of impeccable quality and from sustainable production. So even with supra-regional suppliers, we always pay attention to, for example, animal welfare and appropriate production conditions.

Our fruit and vegetable supplier from Mannheim provides us with regional and fresh products on a daily basis.

Our meat and sausage specialities also come from a local butcher whose rearing and slaughtering conditions we are familiar with.

The nose-to-tail principle is our standard and expression of respect for the animal when processing animal products. So you can be sure that our sauces and soups are homemade and glutamate-free.