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Soul, electrified. The soul has many facets. It is changeable and in constant motion. 

Would you like to experience the purely electric fascination of Porsche? Then the E-Warm-up training is just right for you, even if you don't yet own your own e-Porsche. 

The training content: the basics of vehicle control. 

The common goal: to safely simulate critical situations from everyday road traffic at different speeds. In addition to training effective braking and lane changes, you will learn to control understeering and oversteering. In further sections, you will be introduced to the ideal line and test your lane stability in a slalom. And: you will learn how electronic Porsche driving dynamic control systems work and how to use them optimally. 

In addition to the various course contents, there is one overriding learning objective: to experience driving pleasure. 

Course duration: 1/2 day
Qualification: none
Follow-up courses: Precision and Training Specials
Price: 1,035.00 € per person (incl. lunch), incl. VAT
You would like to participate with your own Porsche Taycan? 
Price: 630.00 € per person (incl. lunch), incl. VAT

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